Ten infrastructure projects are been identified to be the focus of the Solomon Islands Government within the next five years.

These infrastructure projects, labelled as high priority, represent a financial commitment of SBD1.2 billion.

Minister of National Planning and Development Coordination, Hon Rick Houenipwela revealed this during the 11th Australia Solomon Islands Business Forum hosted in Honiara last week from 11-12 September 2019 where the Minister was guest speaker during a session on ‘Financing Infrastructure for Sustainable Economic Growth’.

The ten prioritized projects include the Honiara International Wharf Remedial Work ($200,000,000), Industrial and Commercial Estate Development ($114,000,000), Provincial Airport Upgrade ($30,000,000), Biosecurity ($25,000,000), Lungga WTP-Honiara Water Supply ($20,000,000), Control Tower ($10,000,000), Tina 66KV Transmission Line ($108,000,000), Bina Fisheries Project ($70,000,000), Grid- Connect Solar System Ambu – Auki ($50,000,000) and Ranadi Landfill ($36,000,000).

Hon Houenipwela said in total, the Solomon Islands National Infrastructure Pipeline (SINIIP) prioritised 55 infrastructure projects with an aggregated value of over SBD9.0 billion in the Energy, Water and Sanitation, Solid Waste, ICT, Transport (air, land and sea), the Productive sectors (Commerce, Agriculture, Tourism and Fisheries), Health and the Education sectors.

Out of the 55 projects, the ten high priority projects are identified for the next five years.

The Democratic Coalition Government for Advancement (DCGA) Statement and Policy Translation and Strategy, launched in July, also affirms the Government’s intention to accelerate the development of physical and economic infrastructure to build foundations for long-term growth.

“It also states that the Government will have to allocate sufficient budget and increase national spending for roads, port services, airports and power and communications infrastructure projects,” Hon Houenipwela said.

“The Government is putting together a new concept of transformational, game changer transportation infrastructure projects,” he added.

This new concept is what is now called the Solomon Islands National Transport Core (NTC) Initiative. This concept envisages building a transportation network of sea ports, airports and road transportation system which is expected to link 75% of the population, three international sea ports, two international airports and up to 90% of the total economic activities.

-SICCI Media