The Young Entrepreneurs Council of Solomon Islands (YECSI) has identified the fifty (50) participants who will be taking part in its ‘Home Blo Iumi’ program from 30 September to 3 October 2019.

To earn a place on the ‘Home Blo Iumi’ program, youths, predominately high school students, were invited to complete a YECSI Business Challenge involving a 500 words submission about a problem they are passionate about solving and why.

YECSI initiated the ‘Home Blo Iumi’ program in partnership with the Ministry of Commerce, Industry, Labour and Immigration (MCILI) and the Ministry of Education and Human Resources with the belief that Solomon Islands’ economic prosperity lies with the country’s youth population.

Home Blo Iumi strives to build a culture of entrepreneurship within our youth

YECSI Coordinator, John Wopereis said Home Blo Iumi is a pre-accelerator program designed to help young people be innovative, creative and pave their pathway towards entrepreneurship.

“We have a real opportunity here to work on real issues affecting the Solomons and engage young people to think outside the box while promoting entrepreneurship as a viable career path,” he said.

From all submissions, there were a range of issues that youth bought up from community wellbeing, domestic violence, lack of opportunities and activities, gender inequality, waste management and pollution.

“Home Blo Iumi was developed by young Solomon Islanders for young Solomon Islanders. It’s a four-day program that will put you out your comfort zone, build your skill set and provide you with an opportunity to put yourself into the driver seat of solving some of Solomon Islands problems using entrepreneurship as your vehicle, ” YECSI Coordinator, Mr Wopereis, said.

The four-day program includes:

·        Day 1: Inspire and Inquire! Dig deeper into your why, your purpose and the 5 biggest problems facing Home Blo Iumi!

·        Day 2: Collectively we achieve more! Team building through an amazing race.

·        Day 3: Knowledge level up! Learn essential business and problem-solving methods. As a team begin developing your business solutions centered around 1 of the 5 big problems.

·        Day 4: The BIG Pitch! Pitch your team solutions to a panel of judges in our very own Shark Tank – we’ve got awesome prizes up for grabs.

YECSI would like to thank all the individuals who applied, communications will be sent out to all 50 participants in the coming weeks.

YECSI also acknowledges the support and commitment of the following companies and organisations: BSP, Our Telekom, Bulkshop, RSIPF, National Parliament, Printwise, Solomon Water, SICCI, Dreamcast Theatre, Officeworks and Millicent Designs. More public and private sector supporters are expected to lock in their support in the coming days.

The final BIG pitch will be open to the general public and supporters to attend, keep an eye out on YECSI's Facebook page for more information.

-YECSI Media