Ministry of Communication and Aviation

The Ministry of Communication & Aviation (MCA) is a key component of the public administration of the Solomon Islands Government and is responsible for aviation services including airport development and communication services including ICT development at a national level. With a vision of “Improving aviation and communication service delivery through organisational reform and innovation”, the Ministry continually strives to ensure that its mandates and functions are delivered in a strategic manner to help it achieve its goals and vision. The Ministry’s vision serves as a roadmap to help guide the Ministry’s effort in driving key development policy initiatives and programmes in the communication and aviation sectors which it carries out together with its statutory bodies and regulators. The Ministry also works in close partnership with development partners in supporting the sector priorities of the Solomon Islands Government in the communication and aviation sectors. The focus areas of the ministry over a short to medium term period will cover: Infrastructure Upgrade and Development Reforming the aviation sector through the establishment of the Solomon Islands Airport Company limited (SIACL). Reforming the organisational structure of the Ministry to be able to support the work of Ministry and to improve service delivery and International compliances. Strengthening legal provisions and regulations - Review of the civil aviation act 2008 and relevant rules. Strengthening of legal and regulatory Review of the communication sector and relevant regulations. Human Resources Capacity building and development.

Location Henderson Airport, Honiara, Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands


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