Welcome to Notify! Below are terms and conditions that will apply to you and your business. In accepting and agreeing to this agreement, we understand that you have read and assessed the parts herein. We may review to amend the terms and conditions from time to time and will notify you accordingly of any changes. For the purposes of these terms and conditions, references to "we", "us", "our" mean Notify Haus.

Registration shall mean signing up for or creating an account on our platform by accepting the terms and conditions set herein.
The registration fee is per calendar year and is not prorated at any given time, unless mutually agreed to or specified in any contract with us.
Registration or subscription fees vary between the type, size and nature of business, unless mutually agreed to or specified in any contract with us.
Identity authentication
We may undertake a validity check to ensure business details and information submitted by you are accurate and verified from a reliable entity. Where necessary, we may contact you for verification using your contact details.
Our directory (business and service provider listing) will be made available on two platforms, website and mobile applications.
To ensure these platforms accommodate and serve its purpose by means of accurately and appropriately displaying information:
  1. We may request for resubmission of or change images for size, format and presentation.
  2. We may request for resubmission of or change text for format, language and presentation.
  3. We may request for resubmission of other details where necessary
Your Content
Content shall mean any information or material including but not limited to text, images, audio, video, artwork, URL and social media links.
This means you are solely responsible to ensure your content
  • Is accurate, appropriate and updated.
  • Does not contravene any law and intellectual property rights of third parties.
  • Free of worms, virus and other harmful malware.
We may reject, remove or request you to change your content if you breach any of our terms and conditions set herein.
We may retain or delete your content when your annual subscription expired or your business discontinue its operation (also, see payment T&C).
Where possible, we will provide you prior notice before doing so.
Advertising, Marketing and Promotion
  • Content must meet the criteria set in Your Content and use solely for the purpose of your business listing, advertising, marketing and promotion.
  • Unless mutually agreed to or specified in any contract, content is subject to the minimum period and its associated costs.
  • In consenting to our services, you agreed to and grant us exclusive right to use your content for this purpose on our website and other platforms (social media), this may include similar use by third parties.
We will send invoices for payment via email of which you must pay by due date specified in the invoice.
Nonpayment of invoices by due date may result in
  • Suspension or cancellation of your account/s or promotion material/s until settlement of outstanding invoice/s.

Where possible, we will provide you prior notice before doing so.

Notification of Change
Where deemed necessary, we may provide you prior notice of any changes to any of our platforms (website and mobile applications).
This may include but not limited to
  • system update and maintenance
  • registration fees and advertising, marketing and promotion costs.