Our Telekom

Solomon Telekom Company Limited (Our Telekom) is a joint venture company between Solomon Islands National Provident Fund, (SINPF) which holds 97.32% of the shares, and the Investment Corporation of the Solomon Islands (ICSI) which owns 2.68% of the shares. Our Telekom has over the years of operation been positively engaged in the development of telecommunication services in the Solomon Islands. With its services covering various Areas. Our Telekom has telecommunication services and office presence in all Pro- vinces and is continuing its rural GSM expansion in 2013 onwards. Our Telekom continues to be the leader in community sponsorship and support. Assistance of various forms has reached all sectors including those of Sport, Music, Health, Education, Churches and Communities throughout the Solomon Islands.

Location Mud Alley Road, Mendana Avenue, Point Cruz, Honiara, Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands

Email customer-care@telekom.com.sb

Mobile 21576

Website URL https://www.ourtelekom.com.sb/

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