UEPI Island Resort

Uepi Island Resort "The Ultimate Escape" Imagine ...... You are on a small tropical island perched on the edge of the longest lagoon in the world, accommodated in a relaxed and comfortable resort, effortlessly absorbing the natural wonder and character of this authentic and exciting part of the Pacific. As you arrived at this remote but accessible destination the everyday demands and pressures of modern living simply faded away, overwhelmed by your awareness of a beautiful and natural world, that is Uepi. And you need share this unique experience of paradise with relatively few other people. Six bungalows, two units and two guest rooms offer clean and comfortable accommodation with a twenty six bed maximum capacity. The accommodation is generously spaced amongst colourful tropical gardens ensuring that all guests can enjoy privacy and intimacy, complimented by easy social interaction with a small group of people. The deliciously healthy resort meals are based around fresh local seafood and organically grown fruits and vegetables, prepared by talented local chefs. Imagine..... Uepi Island Resort, so remote that it might never be discovered by the rest of the world, but it will always be remembered by those who have experienced its hospitality and beauty.

Location UEPI Island, Marovo, Seghe, Western, Solomon Islands

Email info@uepi.com

Mobile +61397877904

Website URL https://www.uepi.com/

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