Like any other major event around the world, the 2023 Pacific Games is expected to leave behind long term benefits for local businesses in the Solomon Islands as part of the legacy benefits of hosting the biggest sporting event in the
Pacific region. This was highlighted in a presentation to members of the business community on Wednesday 16th February as the 2023 Games Organizing Committee (GOC) continues on its engagement with key community partners and stakeholders.
Some of the long-term benefits includes the capacity building of the local workforce, capacity building of local businesses, infrastructure improvements, promotion of Solomon Islands for business opportunities, promotion of local businesses, business to business facilitation, streamlining government processes and attraction of hosting future events. GOC Chief Executive Officer, Peter Stewart stressed that the Games has a unique ability to build the capacity of the workforce within the country. “Thousands of people will be involved in the delivery of these Games and through that process they will get training, get experience, opportunity to grow within their careers and we know from experience from other Games that the capacity of the workforce greatly improves
by their involvement in these sorts of events,” he said. Linked to capacity building for the local workforce is the opportunity to also build the capacity of businesses. “Local businesses often need to upskill, buy new equipment, need to build relationships with
other organizations so that they can form joint partnerships to be able to deliver the requirements that we need for global level events such as this. So the capacity building of businesses will be significant in the next two years,” Mr. Stewart said. Infrastructure improvement which are of great benefit to business is always a legacy for the Pacific Games. For Solomon Islands, as a result of hosting the Games it would lead to improvement of roads, improvement to the country’s international airport, improvement to various venues which will all provide an opportunity for businesses to be able to prosper into the future. The Games, particularly through the presence it has throughout the Pacific, gives an enormous opportunity for business in Solomon Islands to be promoted together with the promotion to external companies about coming to Solomon Islands and doing business. Mr. Stewart said through the relationships that the GOC developed during the Games and the approach that it takes, there is a lot of business to business facilitation. “We will work closely with the local Chamber of Commerce (SICCI) to ensure that businesses are talking to each other and working together to be able to provide the services that we need during the Games process. “Because of the very huge involvement of Government, you tend to find that this helps to streamline Government processes and give a level of understanding to Government ministries about how they can support major projects of this nature and that therefore obviously provides a benefit to businesses in the long term as well,” he said. When Solomon Islands successfully delivers the 2023 Pacific Games, as a country it will be able to showcase a range of venues it has which have the capacity to attract future major
events and in turn be able to provide economic development to Solomon Islands and the businesses associated in country.
- Sol2023 Media